Drugs legalization

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We live in times where government cares of us. If our authorities did not care of us, people would not know what they can and cannot do with their lives. Drugs are harmful and lead to addiction. Anyway, just as alcohol, cigarettes, and unprotected sex. Moreover, stimulants like coffee, tea and chocolate are also very dangerous for the human body. Do you think prohibition of drug use protects people from themselves? Of course not. Alcohol Prohibition from 1920 to 1933 also did not protect citizens from using alcohol. In my opinion, there are many economic, statistic, and rational reasons for drug legalization.

There are many arguments which show that legalization could be a right step in legislative. The biggest problem on the drug market is untaxed money earned by criminal organizations, and billions of dollars, spending by Criminal Justice System, to fight with drugs. Gary E Johnson, former Governor of New Mexico, in his article in Washington Time presents that the estimated value of drugs market is nearly four hundred billion dollars a year.

Moreover, war on drugs costs all tax-payers in the United States $50 billion a year. So, how do you think, who is the biggest supporter of drug prohibition? There are mafia and drug dealers. Why? If we legalize drugs, they will lose their huge and untaxed profits.

As we can see on the statistics, provided by James Ostrowski, analyst of CATO Institute, drugs like marijuana or cocaine are much less medically dangerous than alcohol and cigarettes. This table clearly shows that there are no logical arguments to continue drug prohibition, while everybody can buy alcohol and cigarettes.

Another thing which developed by drug prohibition is corruption. Corruption is a major problem in drug enforcement because drug agents, by their money, have a huge power to corrupt...