Drugs In Sports

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The use of drugs in sports effects an athletes performance, it can be hurtful and helpful.

I think that when a male or female athlete, makes the choice to use a drug to improve their athletic performance, that it will most likely hurt them, rather then help them.

Although, some drugs, like steroids, have a chance of "bulking" up the user, the side effects can be very harsh.

Drugs are becoming used more, and more every day, and it is not just the pros who are using them. For example kids, that are about the age eleven through sixteen look up to professional athletes, and if they hear or even see them do drugs they might think it is OK.(www.adfpa.com -no author yr.-1999) Now, with drugs spreading through middle, and high schools a student may see another student taking drugs to enhance his athletic performance, with the influence that they are friends, it is most likely that both of them will start taking drugs now.

That is how drugs are spread so easily.

Here is a chart of some drugs and their side effects: The drugs listed above are the ones most commonly used by Pros and Students.

These drugs may benefit the user for a while, but the side effects make the product much more risky. Some of those drugs may lead to severe injury or even death.

Some drugs that are used can help. If you are not feeling well before a match or a game you can take an antibiotic or if you happen to have a minor headache it is OK to take an advil. The effects on drugs like these are pretty much harmless.

There are my things that can be done to stop the abuse of drugs in sports. The athletes play a...