Drugs: they are still the enemy.

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personal stand on the issue of the legalizatoion of drugs. (www.norml.org) if you visit that site you will get an idea on the issue this site is a campaing on polititians for the lesgalization of drugs. my paper disagrees with this campain.

Drugs: they are still the enemy

Drugs have always been a major issue in the United States of America yet lately there has been a lot of campaigns supporting drug legalization. Everyone is a critic when it comes to this issue; everyone has something to say but not a lot to do about it. There are many arguments for the legalization of drugs but none of them truly say what positive outcome this decision will have on the youth of America. Before intelligently taking a side in this matter we must see the effect this will have in society whether it be positive or negative. Also we must not forget that there is an entire generation who is watching diligently our decisions and we should make them judicious.

Most arguments in favor of legalization begin with the notion of disappearing the profit off of the drug business, but whether the government makes that profit or not it is still a matter of principles. As simple as it sounds a respectable government should not be telling kids that everyone does drugs, this is what organizations like NORML stand for. In this campaign for the legalization of drugs we find politicians telling our kids they've smoked marijuana and they liked it. Using ideals such as "finally an honest politician" and "its NORML to do drugs" these impractical ideals are not what an impressionable youth needs to hear. We must remember that they are the future of our society; do we really want our future to be smoggy? Our leaders are...