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Music is surely one of the things that millions of children, kids, teen and adults all over the world love and enjoy. There are all different types of music to choose from there is Rock, Alternative, pop, jazz, R&B, Hip Hop, Electronic, Country, Folk, Blues, Reggae, World, Latin, Classical, New Age, and you can just go on and on with this list. In music it takes a lot of skills, time and patients to create it. Musicians such as people who play the Guitar, Bass, Drums, and Piano have to put in a lot of time love and dedication into their work. One thing that I do love about music is the sound of the beat, and that is why I like the drums. To be a good drummer you need the skills and coronation, you need to have and inspiration or a favorite artist to look up too and you need the gear and accessories to create it.

In order to be able to get the skills to be a good drummer you need to practice practice practice, there is no way out of this you have to work hard at this. This is something that will take a lot of time your not going to become a great drummer overnight even the best drummers had to work hard to get where they are now. When you are a new drummer you are most likely to get blisters on your hands and you wrist and arms are going to really get tired fast. There are different exercises that will help you prolong your drumming. One is doing a drum roll for 5 min's straight with out stopping this exercise is going to make your arms tighten up and you may get a cramp in your arm or wrist but...