Drunkard Of The River

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A.) The text is about a boy called Sona who lives with his mother and father. Every Saturday the father is down at the bar where he drinks until he faints. Because of the fathers drinking the family hardly has any money, so the mother is very skinny because that they don't have enough money to buy food for. The boy really hates his father and it tortures him to see his mother cry all the time and get skinnier and look older for every day that goes. He loves his mother even though she often beat him in desperation and sorrow, over that the father is drinking. He doesn't understand why his mother keeps up with the fathers drinking, but the mother loves the father. When the father is drunk the mother tells Sona to sail down to the bar and drag him home and Sona always denies because that is very humiliating for him but then the mother begins to cry and Sona reluctantly sails down to the bar.

One Saturday night he is as usual down at the bar to get the father. When he steps in he sees the usual sight where the father runs around dead drunk and acting like a fool. When Sona tells him to come home he goes amok and hits Sona, and then the father passes out. Four men help Sona and lift the father out in the boat. On the way home Sona throws his father in the river, and when he comes home he runs into the jungle.

B.) In the boat Sona is so furious that he beats the father up and he doesn't stop until the father stops breathing.

Sona falls over a big stick after having runned the last 15 minutes. He hits the ground hard but he doesn't sense anything. He is completely exhausted and his heart is beating uncontrollably. The worst fear is over now but he is still afraid and he hasn't still quite realised what he has done. As he sits and considers what he is going to do next he suddenly hears a sound. It sounds like some kind of big animal. Out of the bushes a big black panther appears. His scream could be heard miles away but it quickly disappeared again….

Back in the house the mother walks out to the boat. She finds her dead husband who is covered in blood. Then she looks up in the sky and screams very loud again and again. She walks into the house and out in the kitchen where she sits down and begins to cry. A little later she walks over to the kitchen drawers and finds a big, sharp knife. She raises the knife high over her head and with a quick movement she strikes it into her heart. She falls down on the floor and five seconds later there is nothing left but a big puddle of blood and a lifeless body.