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Dryope and her sister Lole were walking along the river bank. Dryope had her newborn daughter in her arms and she was breastfeeding. Dryope was wife to the former Andraemon. Dryope and her sister went to the river bank to gather garlands. As Dryope picked some "garlands", her sister close behind went to pick some of the same flowers and realized that the stems were bleeding where the old flowers had been. The plant was no other than the Nymph Lotus. Dryope, who was now rooted to the ground, realized what she had done. Only her arms were able to be moved. She was very angry with herself and wanted to tear her hair in anguish, but her arms had sprouted leaves. As her bosom began to harden it also ceased from its milk flow. Lole could not do anything to help her sister. Andraemon and Dryope's father approached the bank to find Dryope as a newly sprouted tree.

They began to kiss the leaves simultaneously. Only Dryopes face remained. She could only speak, and she said for a nurse to take her daughter and when her daughter is older to teach the daughter to call her, the tree, mother. Eventually her entire body was covered with bark and she could no longer speak. She was forever stuck here.