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Fast Tech Seedlings is a wholesaling company specializing in marketing of highbred and normal vegetable and plant seedlings and seeds in Australian markets. The company offers high-tech manufacturers a reliable, high-quality alternative to buying seedlings from the store. Fast tech seedlings provide customers all around Australia with Seed and seedlings using the latest technology such as credit card ordering, B-pay and eft. But alongside these will be the express z- nap, which is a high tech method of ordering on the Internet, which takes seconds instead of minutes. FTS will have a steady market while maintaining its financial position. FTS sells Many types of seedlings from Vegetables to garden variety trees and shrubs. The company uses Setnav. Setnav is an Internet control board run by the police. They monitor Internet activities. Anyone who tries's to enter or hack our site his or her ISP will be recorded and passed on automatically from the server to the head police station.