Dual Career Marriages

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Karen and Ross have been married for six years. During these years, each has had to make decisions concerning their careers to accommodate each other. Two companies have now confronted Ross with a career opportunity, those being California Energy Systems and Petrolia Oil. He must decide by September 28 what opportunity to act upon, taking into account the effects it will have on his career, Karen's career, and their marriage.

Situational Analysis

Both individuals come from traditional families and are career orientated people. Karen believes the women in her life were career women but this is not entirely true. Her father held an executive job that forced continuous movement. Where as her mother held a 'traditional' position as a school teacher and she was not permitted to have work 'interfere with home life and child- rearing responsibilities'. On the other hand, Ross had a mother who devoted herself to the well-being of her husband and son.

Where as his father was a business man that earned a high income, allowing the family to live in a comfortable home with a luxury lifestyle. Karen and Ross appear to be leading a life that is different from their parents but this is not entirely true. It is noteworthy to mention, that each has a traditional role within the marriage. For example, Ross is responsible for the financial aspects of the home while Karen is responsible for the household chores. At the beginning of the marriage, they attempted to have a 'weekend marriage' but this was a great strain and Karen sacrificed her career by finding a job closer to Ross. This demonstrates they are traditional within the marriage, although Karen has an untraditional career.

Career Opportunities

As both Karen and Ross hold dual citizenship in Canada and the United States, they have...