Dubois controversy

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DuBois was an intelligent writer who began to focus on the invention of race and what it meant. In the process he began to study African-Americans and how they were treated in life. He also began to realize the struggles they dealt with as well. DuBois contradicted himself by his point of views of the way he wanted to teach others.

DuBois' idea of race concept has controversy around it and stands out like a sore thumb. He wants to get rid of old views and the ancestry common bloods, and replace them with new ways based on common history in a group. He wants to us to look at people by their similarities in a group and not by their skin color it seems, but he constantly states how African-Americans should know their identity and not run from it. If people do not join themselves by there common ancestor then how can they truly identify themselves as an African-Americans by common blood.

I may have common things with a white man but of course I know we may not have common ancestors to consider us as relatives, and I would be seriously offended. I think that was a big mistake to compare people as only by similarities and he should have definitely reevaluated this before broadcasting this. He avers to Douglass's views that slavery had severely damaged the dignity and sense of self worth of African-American. (Lott, 172) He maintained the first step toward social equality will be "then correction of the immortality, crime, and laziness among the Negroes themselves which still remains as a heritage from slavery. (Lott, 172) Sometimes I feel like if I was a different color, things would be different in this day in time when I am at work or out and about.