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Duckweed Analysis Kaseberg pond water was tested for how much and long duckweed survives in the water from Kaseberg pond. I tested the duckweed two different days the first day I counted 46 duckweed and on the 2 day I counted 49. The duckweed stayed around the same through out the two days I started the lab. The ducked showed that the pond was healthy because the duckweed did not die. You can tell a lot by just looking at a pondsduck weed because if the pond or creek has vase amount of green duckweed then it is health if the pond or creek has not duckweed or died duckweed then I would expect the pond is not healthy. Duckweed is an important food for waterfowl and fish but can be a serious weed in nutrient rich, shallow ponds and poultry and cattle Duckweed can purify and concentrate nutrients from wastewaters.

One problem with duckweed is reproduction it can be so rapid that the surface of a tank or pond can be covered in a matter of weeks. It will flourish in any water and low temperature only slows down reproduction, even being frozen in ice for short periods during the winter has no effect. Some test that effect duckweed is nitrate and phosphorus because when duckweed flourish in water with a high nitrate content which is used as food by the plant. It can cut down on the light reaching the pond if allowed to grow to thickly and the gray white remains of dead plants on the pond sides above the water line can look unsightly. Duckweed plants reportedly utilize all available ammonium before beginning to assimilate nitrate, and appear to grow more quickly in the presence of ammonium than with nitrate. In contrast to duckweed unicellular algae prefer nitrate. Phosphorus is essential for rapid growth for duckweed and is a major limiting nutrient after nitrogen. Overall, duckweed is the most important plant in pond it helps the pond stay clean and it feeds fish and gives off oxygen to aquatic organisms. Also my duckweed stayed at a stable amount of duckweed between those two days I believe that Kaseberg pond is a healthy place.