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Will a Woman be President during our lifetime? Over the past, women's legal rights have increased immensely which has led to a development of new things for women. For one, the achievements and career opportunities of women have increased tremendously. In the past, the only thing women were to do was to be a watch over the house and kids. They also had almost no rights because they were virtually owned by their husbands. If you look where women are now in America, you can see that there has been a remarkable change in the status of women and the careers that they are involved in. Not long ago, men were the dominant figure in politics, but that has started to change. Currently, women are starting to become more and more common in political areas, such as the Secretary of State, Attorney General, Senators, Governors, and State Representatives. It is for these characteristics that I believe a woman will be President of the United States sometime during the span of our lifetime.

First of all, since the achievements and career opportunities of women have increased so much over the years, I believe that this will lead to a woman becoming the President of the United States. Over time, the occupations of women have changed tremendously. From once only being housewives and being owned by their husbands to now being specialists in advanced areas such as medics, lawyers, and teachers, writers and singers. The growth rate of jobs available to women in the United States has risen vastly and they are now working in many decision-making jobs. Some people feel that women are the weaker sex, but women have served in the armed forces during peace and wartime, which shows that some do not back down from a challenge. These achievements...