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ANTIOCH IN SYRIA (45 A.D.) It is from the church in Antioch that Paul and Barnabas began their first missionary journey. While the church was fasting and praying the Spirit told the church to separate Paul and Barnabas for a work he had for them. They began their journey by going to the coastal town of Seleucia and sailing to the Island of Cyprus.

The Island of Cyprus had previously been preached in. Barnabas himself was from Cyprus.

Salamis They first stopped in preached the Word of God at Salamis. Here they were joined by John Mark. Whenever Paul entered a city he would first preach at the synagogues of the Jews.

Paphos At Paphos they encounter a false phrophet whose surname was Bar-Jesus. This man tried to prevent Sergius Paulus form hearing the gospel. He was miraculously blinded by Paul who recognized him as a man full of deceit and fraud.

Sergius Paulus was converted. Saul's name is changed to Paul and Paul becomes the primary apostle.

The regions of Pamphylia, Pisidia,and Lycaonia (46-47 A.D.) Perga Is a city of Pamphylia. Here John Mark leaves Paul and Paul renders John Mark unsuitable for the next journey.

At Antioch of Pisidia Here Paul speaks at the synagogue. His sermon contains five points: 1) A review of God's dealings with Israel.

2) Jesus is the promised Savior.

3) Evidence for the resurrection of Jesus.

4) Salvation is now offered through Jesus.

5)A warning not to fulfill prophecy by rejecting God's work in Christ.

Here Paul is rejected by the Jews and accepted by the Gentiles. So Paul directs his attention to the Gentiles. Paul and Barnabas are presecutted by the Jews and flee to Iconium.

At Iconium Here Paul and his companions stayed for a long time speaking boldy with signs and wonders. Eventually the city became divided against them an attempt was made to stone them which led them to flee to Lystra abd Derbe.

At Lystra Paul heals a blind man and is stoned by the Jews from Antioch and Iconium.

At Derbe They preach the gospel and make many converts.

From here they return to Lystra, Iconium, and Antioch to: 1) Strengthen the souls of the disciples.

2) Exhort disciples to continue in the faith despite tribulations.

3) Appoint elders in every church with prayer and fasting.

4) Commend them to the Lord.

From there they pass through Pisidia, they come to Pamphylia preaching the work in Perga and then sailing from Attalia to Antioch from where they started. Here Paul's first missionary journey ended.