Dunstan Ramsay compared to Boyd Staunton has much more success in life

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Dunstan was born in a Presbyterian family in Deptford. He was clumsy to do things, like managing his father's newspaper company and even being a magician. However, he has the ability to understand or see through one's feelings. Also, he gets progressively improve from being clumsy into a successful person, as I would give evidence to show how he is. On the other hand, Boy was born in a wealthy family. Although he has a success in his business, he won't get friends to share his happiness especially his wife. And he has an indomitable character tends to ruin his life eventually.

In their childhood, Dunstan was mature enough that he felt sorry and even guilt that the snowball had hurt Mrs.Dempster's head at the age of ten. It is understandable that he felt shameful even the snowball was not thrown by him. It can be proven that Boy has a childish mind compared to Dunstan.

At the age of 14, Dunstan would be able to teach magic to four years old kid called Paul Dempster who is Mrs.Dempster's son. And he read stories about saints to him too. At that time, Dunstan knew that it betrayed the Baptist religion but he already indulged in saints.

At the age of 16, Boyd was caught having intercourse with Mabel Heighington by her mother. And therefore was being sent to a Private school called Colborne College by his father in order to avoid people saying bad things to him. Under such circumstances, we can see that Boyd was immature knowing from this great scandal. It is crystal clear that they were developing in an opposite way while Dunstan at the age of 16 was an intellectual boy, what was called "polymath" by the others. Because he read a lot...