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Essay Exam: The IT Business Case: DuPont Canada-Team #4 -C522 Fall 2006 Prepared by Rajesh Kumar

One evening as I entered Suzanne's home, I saw her sitting on her computer. She told me that she would like to buy a new carpet and some other furniture for her new house. She was pulling the information through web to get the best products available in market that could fit to her standards and requirement. She was much frustrated, as she had spent around four hours to find suitable product for her. Whenever she visited she found most of the time that sales persons were busy in dealing with other customers. Even if they could spare some time they could not guide her properly because of lack of knowledge & training. Suzanne told me that it would be much easier for her, instead of spending lot of hours in searching and still was not satisfied with the product, to get much better information through web in less then one hour.

It would be much convenient to her to compare product's quality, customer's reviews and suggestions rather then looking eagerly to find sales men to guide her and help her. More so instead of finding a parking spot in the parking lot and spending money on gas, she could watch her favorite TV show during that time and relax after a hectic office day and be more prepared on her thesis which she was to submit for her online MBA program through Arizona State University.

Selling of items should not be the only part of a web site. The idea should be to provide customer awareness also. A manufacturing industry will be left behind in competition if it does not use virtual business strategy.

A new entrepreneur is bound to face the...