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Laura L. Valdez 01-15-02 ENC1101 During a high-powered brainstorming session near Washington, D.C., attended by the country's leading germwarfare experts, doctors and law- enforcement officers " new terrorism " (Axelrod 2001) and old terrorism was discussed. It was determined in this session that biological terror is, what keeps American security cheifs awake at night and America will be the biggest magnet for these attacks.

The generic term for biological, chemical and nuclear arms is mass destruction. There was already a case of new terrorists using weapons of mass destruction in March of 1995 in Tokyo. A nerve gas called sarin was found in the subway. This attack killed twelve people and injured several thousand even though it was botched and actually meant to kill millions. The founder of this attacks mission was to " eradicate major cities " (Axelrod 2001 ) using this nerve gas called sarin. He had assets of up to a billion dollars which enabled him to purchase the very necessary and expensive equipment to follow through with this terrorism attack.

This group is now believed to be reconstituting itself.

Biological attacks can take days to take effect, where as the old chemical attacks took effect immediately. This delayed reaction could definitely cause mass hysteria among those infected and even those who simply fear having been infected.

During the brainstorming session different scenarios to support this were discussed.

" It used to be said of terrorists that, they want a lot of people watching and not a lot of people dead ", this is not proving to be true with new terrorists. New terrorists without foreign governments backing them feel no need to limit the amount of bloodshed. They have no fear of their financial backers backing off due to the slaying of innocent people. They have no radical governments whose desire for political legitimacy at least set some limit to their brutality. New terrorism in comparison with old terrorism has no detailed agenda and no real plans to take over, they are just protesting againist the American government. New terrorists may be religous fanatics or simply diehard opponents of our federal government. New terrorists may come from America or anywhere in the world and are intent on destroying the enemy in the worst possible way. Every government is worried about weapons, whether it be old fashioned bombs containing large quantities of high explosive, nuclear bombs biological or poisionous gas attacks.

" They fear devout believers in mass destruction will acquire the means to bring it about. " ( Axelrod 2001 ) This new terrorism that has replaced old terrorism is a weapon used by the powerless and desperate againist the all-powerfull. " The biggest magnet for new terrorists will always be the American heartland, whose prosperity, selfconfidence and openness are a continual challenge to the frustrated and fanatical. " (Axelrod 2001 ) New terrorism will prove to be more deadly and more elusive than all of the antics of old terrorism in previous decades. New terrorism is utterly ruthless and will show absolutely no mercy whatsever.