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Professor Maddock

History 308


The economic and political success of the Dutch and the English between 1570-1766

How the Dutch and English became successful was not only in trading but being merchants and bankers as well. When the other countries were busy fighting each other the Dutch were specializing in trading with them. Out of 20,000 trading vessels 16,000 of them were Dutch ships." In the early 1400's two thirds were based in Amsterdam."The English and Dutch went to war over trading not only once but three times. The first was fought in 1652-54 the second in 1665-67 the third and final was in 1672-74 with the Dutch being the victor at Solo Bay in 1672. The most important thing to the Dutch was there trading, they even came up with something called the Maritime Insurance: with this people didn't lose out on the profit. When the ships left port and out to sea nobody knew what would happen or if they were going to make it back, till the ship sailed into the harbor once aging.

The Dutch even design a ship that was able to carry more goods and less people, it was a large bulk- carrying vessel called a flute or fly boat. The Dutch had trading stations and supply depots in many ports to name a few were: Norway, Ceylon, Java, Sumatra, Formosa," which they took control of by 1641." They were also the first to dominate the Baltic trade route between Spain, France, and England. The Dutch were able to pay a higher price for your goods and also give you credit, in doing this even if the crops were not ready yet the farmers still made sure they had something to sell to the Dutch. This meant a lower profit...