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Drinking and Driving


As one of the leading causes of automobile accidents and deaths, the dangers involved in DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) needs to be brought to the attention of the drivers and the general public. The ultimate goal of this project is to bring a better understanding about DWI to the public in an attempt to enforce safety on the roads.


¨ New.movie

This is the main movie. Start up the project from this movie. All other movies will be opened up as movies in a window. Most importantly, it contains the main menu which includes the help function (dice), navigational buttons (beeper), and the two main icons (glass & key.) As the background music, a jazz tune by Joe Pass was borrowed. Mouse clicks on the navigational tools will make highlights on the buttons (along with descriptions on the LCD) and sound off a corresponding puppet sound (note that the 'chaching' or 'cough' sound plays only while the mouse is down.)

Some functions such as volume control, quit, and help are under construction.

¨ Dash.pict (dash)

This frame was intended to create an interactive driver's seat in which the user can learn about the functionalities of the gauges and instruments. However, this page frame is currently under construction. Once it is finished, the following shall be available.

· Each gauge and instrument will light up (rollover effect) and then give the name & a brief description of the functionality (by sound.)

· Detailed information can be seen with a mouse click on the gauge which moves the frame to the next destination.

· Driver's education tutorial (manual and/or automatic transmission.)

¨ Car_flash.movie (car)

This movie functions as a sub-menu page frame for the 'Driving' theme. Putting the cursor on the topic bar will show a brief...