Dwight D Eisenhower's presidency with bibliography

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Dwight D Eisenhower was Americas 34th president. He was a commander and general in WWII. As president he made significant changes and actions during his two terms.

As president Eisenhower ended the Korean War. When he was inaugurated the war was already going on and about 20000 soldiers where already killed or missing. He made a trip to Korea and saw that there would be no progress because both sides were well trenched in. He negotiated an armistice with the Chinese that returned the boundary between North and South Korea to where it had been before the war.

During his presidency Eisenhower keeps the U.S. out of many wars. He did not enter the war between France and Vietnam but he did send help and aid to the French. He did not use nuclear weapons even when his advisers from the Joint Chief of Staff told him he should. He did not join France in their attempt to suppress an uprising in Algeria.

His public works programs were bigger than Roosevelt?s had been. They included the Saint Lawrence Seaway and the Interstate Highway System, the largest construction project in history. He continued and expanded on most Roosevelt?s New Deal programs. He greatly expanded Social Security. He encouraged the building of nuclear power plants and government-sponsored research for better, peaceful ways to use nuclear power.

Eisenhower sponsored the first civil rights bill in 1956 since the Reconstruction. Its goal was to give African Americans the right to vote in the South. The bill passed in 1957. This did not work as well as it should have because only registered voters could serve on juries and because most blacks were not registered and those who wanted to were discouraged and unwelcome the juries remained mostly white.

In the race for his second...