Dwight Eisenhower

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Dwight Eisenhower was the best president because he fulfilled both campaign promises, and successfully completed all eight roles as president. He fulfilled his campaign promises by stopping the Korean War and by desegregating schools. The way he ended the Korean War was by threatening to use nuclear weapons on Korea.

As President he fulfilled his role as commander in chief. He represented the United States well and used the Presidency to reduce the tension of war. He wanted peace for our nation and peace for the world. He helped strengthen relations with the free nations in order to stop the spread of Communism. It was important to show Russia that the U.S. intended to end the Cold War. He was an example of a true soldier. He ruled with dignity in order to restore peace. Americans were proud to have Eisenhower as their chief of state because he wanted all U.S.

citizens to be first class and he strove to make that happen.

President Eisenhower took the role of chief executive seriously as he carried out all the responsibilities of his office. He was involved in both foreign and domestic issues. One important domestic accomplishment was the creation of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare which began shortly after the beginning of his term. He wanted to strengthen the welfare programs in the United States. He also wanted to give more responsibility to the states while limiting federal power. In foreign affairs, Eisenhower placed emphasis on cooperation with allies of the United States. He felt this was important to keep America strong due to the conflict in Korea.

Chief administrator was a position which was important to Eisenhower as he set up his staff based on that of the military. He had cabinet officers who were responsible for certain...