"Dyers Eve - Essay on Night written by Elie Wiesel", What kinds of thoughts corrupt people? What tortues were the Jews submitted to? How can faith make you give up all hope?

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Dyers Eve - Essay on "Night" written by Elie Wiese

Life is cruel, take what little time you have and make the best of it. The novel Night supports the message by showing how the lives of the Jews were going fine then all of a sudden they got captured and imprisoned. People don?t think before they act. It has relevance today because people don?t care about others, only about themselves. They do not learn from their mistakes.

Once somebody gets an idea in their head, nothing can deter them from accomplishing their goal. Case in point, Adolph Hitler. His goal of a perfect society, although insane in the eyes of many, made perfect sense to him. If you weren?t a blue-eyed blonde haired German, Hitler saw you as not fit to live in ?his? world. The thought of exterminating millions of people over things so minute as cultural background or religion is just sickening.

Through all this, some never even lost their religion.

Faith is strong enough to keep people together, yet so weak that it can make someone give up all hope. Elie had all the faith in the world at the beginning. Now, after all the torture he has endured, he has given up everything he ever believed in. This is not true for all the prisoners though. Through everything, they still prayed and believed that their ?God? would save them. It?s amazing how these people are still alive after all they have gone through.

People live and people die, but these Jews would not just roll over and die. Yes, many still did die, bit the ones that have survived are banding together and helping one another. Elie has been spared from death many times; the fires, many selections, and unbearable work, and yet he...