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Dynamic Christmas Day

In the early morning of Christmas Eve an anonymous letter was laying on the floor. I was duped because the letter said " If I do not receive a present from you, you will not receive one from me." I was frustrated that morning. I started to think I was going to get less presents from last year. I kept thinking of what I would do about it. I finally decided to go to a marginal store by my house.

I thought it was a prominent situation. I was in a situation pending a present. I had to purchase as many inimitable presents and send to everyone that I knew. I found a prescribed quaint present that would be great for everyone. Then I became scrimp. I was not reluctant to buy all these presents. This was because I didn't want a vengeance consequence.

In the evening I was really rushed because I didn't have a Christmas tree yet.

I found one on the way back home and eradicated the tree. It was a makeshift of the last years tree but at least I had one. I saw some preview on the television of ornaments, it talked about them getting to your house in one hour, but I didn't know the price! I was impressed and didn't care about the price and prescribed some. After an hour and a half they arrived and it was an utmost price. I regretted making the choice of prescribing them. In anyway I still had to pay. Then I started to decorate the tree. It ended up beautiful!

It was late at night so I went to sleep and I was excited to wake up the next morning to see if I had gotten a present from the anonymous person. I...