Dynamics of team communication

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Dynamics of Team Communication

Russell DeSalvo


Instructor: Donald Johnson

November 24, 2007


Dynamics of Team Communication

Teamwork communication is the cooperative effort put forth by all members of the team and survives solely on that event happening. Arguably communication within a team can be seen as the foundation in which a team is built on and be responsible for the success or failure of that team. In this paper I will explore the process of building good team communication, the potential barriers, advantages and sustainment of team communication.

Teams are becoming a very important feature in businesses today. While it is important to understand team dynamics, the multiple elements of a team and the method in which a team operates, communication is one part that seems to be at the head of the list. A team is a formal work group consisting of people who work together strongly to achieve a common group goal.

Teams are formed from a group of people, usually three or more, and are used for problem solving, or having a specific goal or task to be accomplished. The whole idea of teamwork is to create a product or a result through a collective effort that would far exceed the efforts put forth by any one individual.

In the beginning stages of forming a team, the members will come together and begin to understand each other's behaviors, weaknesses and strengths and start to define the roles that each team member will be assigned. Setting norms or standards for which the team is to operate should be a priority in the beginning stages. Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing are the four stages in which this process is accomplished. Some of the norms a team can implement are, all ideas are...