Dysfunction in the black community

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Kenyatta Martin


Eng. 119

First Draft

Dysfunction in the Black Community

In the story "Girl", the author is trying to teach her daughter how to become a lady and

how to be a wife. In today's society, the story doesn't really apply because; the mother-daughter

dynamic has changed. Some mothers are no longer installing morals and values into their

daughters. In some cases the mother is trying to be young and try to fit in with in so, they follow

after their daughters. Although we still have some mothers that are teaching their girls how to

become a lady, they're not teaching them how to be a wife.

Black woman have become so dependent of themselves because, there's no "good" men

around so, they don't teach their daughters to aspire to marriage. We live in an under fathered

over mothered society, which causes society to become over nurtured and underdeveloped.


explains the surge of over femininity and under masculinity in our society today.

The black male and female dynamic is very dysfunctional mainly because, there are

really no positive models around to teach those under them, this is how this is supposed to be

done or you don't suppose to do this and this is why. Another reason is because, our society is

Patriarchy. There are no father figures around and mothers are left to raise their sons and the

daughters don't have an example of how a man is supposed to treat her. That's why women have

become so dependent of themselves and men have become dependent of women. It all goes back

to slavery when they took men out of the household and we have yet to go back to how it used to


There are a lot of black men that are torn down,