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I wrote the course outline, syllabus and schemes of work for The Indian Head Massage Course while completing the City and Guilds Stage One; each has been evaluated and assessed with improvements and the implementation of changes set in motion.

I have written the course curriculum for Indian Head Massage for Self, Family and Friends - Module One and Two, and Indian Head Massage (IHM) for Practitioners - Module Three.

·Module One is available for students aged fourteen plus.

·Module Two is for students aged sixteen plus.

·Module Three is for students aged eighteen plus who have achieved the IHM for Self, Family and Friends Certificate.

I designed most of the teaching aids including:

·Handouts that include text and diagrams.

·Posters, which are textual and diagrammatical.

·Proforma sheets for record keeping.

·OHP's for when I teach in a college environment.


If a student cannot learn the way we teach,

we must teach the way they can learn.

The IHM course offers access to all students as long as they can physically perform the massage techniques on themselves or others.

During the induction evening I carry out an Initial Assessment on each student that includes a learning styles sheet and a question sheet, as well as individual and group discussion.

(Appendices: 1, 2, 3)

It will be necessary to add an educational history section to the personal profile to discover whether the student had difficulties during primary school learning to read and if they received remedial help, or / and at comprehensive (secondary) school. It could show that the student is creative, good at grasping concepts, patterns and "wholes," which are some of the indicators of dyslexia.

I would need to be aware that students with learning difficulties could need help with organising their handouts into...