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E-Business: Best Buy



The term 'cultural transplant' does not exist in the dictionaries of managers and leaders when discussing business, especially those companies, which have started as a 'brick and mortar' world to the contemporary virtual one. Appropriate and inappropriate ways are always present for managing a company; some business structures have a better approach of running it than others. Studies witness that one business model is significantly better and more productive than many while adjusting into the newly developed 'e-business culture'. This paper aims to study the organization Best Buy, which started as a 'brick-and-mortar' business. Best Buy is no longer just a brick and mortar business, the company engages in e-business.

Best Buy Co, Inc.

A small business named 'Sound of Music' opened in St. Paul, Minnesota, by Richard Schulze in 1966. The following 17 years of the launch of the year, Schulze's small store enormously transformed into a million dollar asset.

Seeing its popularity and rapid growth, the first superstore opened in Burnsville, Minnesota with a changed name; 'Best Buy Co., Inc.'. With this transformation the store started keeping a variety of different top brands and appliances of the latest and advanced technology (Best Buy Co. Inc., 2013).

Best Buy catered its customers with the latest technologies of VCR's and HD televisions throughout the nineties era. Following its popularity, Microsoft combined with Best Buy so that they both can cross promote each other. With this joint venture, the company got into online business and doubled the revenues. The company was also titled as 'Company of the Year' in the Forbes Magazine in 2005 (Best Buy Co. Inc., 2013).

With its expansion into the online world, the business took a giant...