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The internet is constantly growing and is a developing entity that will be around for a very long time. We currently live in a society where legal and ethical limits are pushed to the max and there is an attitude if there are no rules against something then it must be alright to do. Because of this, it makes sense for us to think about the legal, ethical and regulatory issues of e-commerce. I will briefly discuss the importance of these issues for e-businesses to consider. Additionally, I will discuss how Maritz Inc., Travelocity and The Susan G. Komen Foundation handle security, confidentiality and international issues on its websites.

Trust is at the center of all these issues. What an organization states on its website is a reflection of how the rest of the world views them. When dealing with ethics, there is a level of trust and responsibility that is communicated.

An organization must be very careful is using words that are factual. An organization must be sure to evaluate its web content on a regular basis so it is current and accurate. For example, The Susan G. Komen Foundation must make sure they properly appropriate its funds. The Maritz organization and Travelocity must prevent fraud by properly using personal information in the way it was intended.

The internet will be affecting more lives than ever before so security and privacy as well as regulatory issues will become more important. There are many legal and regulatory issues involved with going to the web. Some of these issues include privacy, tariffs, electronic copyright, and cash policies, to name a few. There is a lack of consistent rules and procedures since e-business is a new trend. There are also issues related to taxes which need to be carefully considered and reviewed...