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Essay by shanbananaA, June 2007

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The Internet has transformed the relationship of travelers and travel agents. More individuals are now booking and reserving hotel reservations, airline reservations, and vacation packages online as opposed to going through a brick and mortar company. According to Starkov and Price (2007), ". . . more than two-thirds of them will do that this year. One-third of all bookings in hospitality in North America will be generated from the Internet (30% in 2006), and at least another 1/3 will be directly influenced by online travel planning" (p. 1). With the numerous websites and businesses on the internet to choose from, the marketing strategies must take on a look and feel that can draw customers with navigational tools that make the shopping experience one of superiority. Most travelers would like to have total control over his or her travel arrangements and destination, and feel they are getting the most for their money.

The introductions of such sites as Travelocity, Orbitz, and Expedia have created web sites for consumers to do just that. These organizations need to follow the Federal laws and regulations as well as the ethical issues of our time.

Look and Feel of Expedia, Inc.

According to Expedia, Inc. Company Profile (2007), "Expedia, Inc. is the world's leading online travel service and the eighth largest travel agency in the U.S." (p.1). Expedia has won awards for its technology in expert searching and pricing capabilities and offers its customers the ability to build custom vacation packages, while enjoying the savings that Expedia bestows onto its customers. Through a venue of options Expedia.com presents an array of navigational tools, presented in an attractive format that allows the participant to explore destinations domestically as well as internationally.

Expedia's webpage effectively displays information by use of headers. The layout uses a variance...