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IntroductionBy all accounts e-business promises to continue its explosive growth, internet usage is doubling every year. E-business websites are private property and because they are in cyberspace there is an implied invitation to visit them. With ever increasing use of the internet in business important legal issues arise and must be dealt with need. Besides the legal aspects of e-business Riordan Manufacturing must also consider its traditional international business and what issues must be dealt with.

There are many legal and web site regulatory issues involved in e-business, electronic copyright, e commerce, cash/credit policies, international trade, tariffs digital, jurisdiction, security to name a few. An e business website is a virtual business with worldwide access, a primary issue for the virtual business is jurisdiction. What consumer law, privacy laws and others would apply? In the United States the courts have divides the jurisdictional case into three categories at one end the jurisdiction definitely exists, the middle jurisdiction requires analysis and at the other end no jurisdiction exists.

A possible solution for the question of jurisdiction would be. To avoid a jurisdictional issue the company should set up separate web sites that are tailored to comply with the local laws in the given country.

Web sites have inherent risk because of the virtual nature of web site, some examples are, is the user of legal age to form a binding contract, who is responsible for the transactions and posts, intellectual property rights and rules and regulations concerning the use of the web site. Without proper protections the web site owner is vulnerable to civil and criminal issues. The civil and criminal protections can be achieved by using terms of use/terms of service agreements posted at their website to allocate, limit, reduce, mitigate, avoid and manage potential risk on the webs. The...