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The internet has become more then just a place for students to do research, families or friends to communicate from across the world but it has opened doors for businesses to expand not only for themselves but also for consumer. E-business is bigger then electronic commerce, buying and selling is not all that it offers it also services to customers, and provides an integrated business environment and offering added value services (Turban, 2002). E-business has made it convenient for consumers to buy goods and services from their homes and in result companies have quickly taken advantages of the new market place. Toyota is one of this companies that has taken the opportunity to market there goods using e-business. E-business also had its disadvantages such as privacy for business and consumers.

Toyota Motors, along with other carmakers around the world, started there e-business by implementing a "build to order" program much like Dell's approach in building computers.

Giving customers the ability to build a car to suit their needs by using the web site, they are able to custom configure their car's features and components, see it online, price it, and have it delivered to nearby dealers, thereby cutting inventory requirements in half, while at the same time giving customers exactly what they want. Using a virtual car on the web site, customers can view more than 1,250 possible exterior combinations in real time, rotate the image 360 degrees, and see the price updated automatically with each selection of trim or accessories. After storing the car in a virtual garage, the customer can decide on purchase and select the dealer at which to pick up the completed car. The benefit that Toyota gained from e-business is promoting their products, establishing new sales channels, and direct saving. E-business enhances promotion abilities...