E-Business Strategy Paper

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E-Business Strategy Paper

Sherry Carpenter

University of Phoenix


Shoumen Bardhan

September 23, 2006


The Four Models of E-Business

All of the four models of eBusiness have one thing in common; each describes a transaction occurring between two or more persons and can occur anytime, or anywhere. These transactions typically occur between at least one of the four models of eBusiness. These models include: business to business, business to consumer, peer to peer or consumer to consumer. Knowing which eBusiness model best fits the company's strategy and trends associated with the model will determine a company's success

The Business-to-Business Model

The Business-to-Business or B2B model consists of activities or transactions that mostly occur between two different organizations. "Business-to-business (B2B) stands for relations between enterprises, contrary to relations between enterprises and other groups (e.g. consumers, public administration). The term is today used in marketing however it was established to describe the electronic communication relations between enterprises in order to distinguish it from the communication between enterprises and consumers B2C."

(Wikipedia) In other words, a company's strategy or target market audience includes other businesses, rather than marketing their products or services to the individual or end user. When it comes to eBusiness, it involves not only company's buying or selling to and from each other; it can involve purchasing, inventory management, supply chain management, accounts receivables and payables, channel management, sales, customer service and support.

Let us take Dell for example; they are one of the industry's largest eBusiness suppliers. Although Dell sells computers, hardware and other accessories to the public, they also sell in bulk to other businesses as well as offer other solutions to making businesses run its operations easier. "Dell delivers business to business (B2B) transactions that allow your...