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Objective of the case study:

The aim of our case study is to analyze and assess Xxxxxxx as a Microsoft CETC Training center to implement yyyyy's expertise in e-commerce, e-business and e-learning. Providing Xxxxxxxwith these solutions will enhance its teaching capabilities especially with its expansion in different locations in the region and enhance its strategic positioning in the market.

We will also discuss the implementation of other possible services and solutions offered by yyyyy such as networking, wireless networking, multimedia CD, web casting, etc.

Company selection criteria:


Xxxxxxx International was established in 1998 in Amman offering computer training and certification programs through a wide range of courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced users, as well as IT professionals.

Due to its high caliber of trainers, modern facilities, and flexible training approach, Xxxxxxxquickly grew to become the premier computer-training provider in Jordan. In a rapidly changing market the demands of the business and technology field are ever changing.

The flexible approach adopted by Xxxxxxxhas allowed it to keep up with these demands and expand further its services portfolio to include ICT, soft skills, business skills, and graphics design training.

Xxxxxxxfuture vision plans to expand further into the Middle East by first establishing a solid base in Jordan as the country's premier quality training provider. The company vision comes in line with that of His Majesty King Abdullah II and the Kingdom's REACH initiative, launched in 1999, which aims at establishing Jordan as the IT hub in the region.

Xxxxxxxcan provide small group classroom training, one-to-one training, and -if needed- bring the training to your location. Its wide range of ICT training courses, both in terms of subject matter and format, stretch across a number of vendors' products with particular emphasis on Desktop Applications, Networking, Wireless Networks, Software Development, Messaging, Database...