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E.Coli E. Coli is a bacterial strain that affects many people around the world each year. It comes from contaminated food and it causes intestinal and urinary infections. At first they thought it just caused digestive problems but now they have found out that it also causes urinary tract infections. The article has stated this "strain" of E. Coli is drug resistant which means that a typical course of antibiotics will not clear up the infection.

Recently in 3 states, California, Minnesota, and Michigan there were outbreaks among many women with an analysis of 302 cases. Many were astonished because some of the organisms were the same among the women. Urinary tract infections are common among women and 90% are caused by E.Coli.

When the strain is traced to one or more sources, many steps will be taken to prevent it from spreading. They say they still need to get a logical explanation for its cause and spread.

This is related to health and health class because it involves infections, how there caused, and how they can spread from one organism to another. IT AFFECTS OUR WELL BEING, WHICH WOULD BE PUTTING A BURDEN ON OUR HEALTH. It states how these infections are reacting and growing a resistance to antibiotics. Because of there growing resistance there will be less cures for infections like E. Coli