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Describe major barriers to and the incentives for the development of ecommerce.

The advantage that e-commerce will provide is speed. The Internet and the World Wide Web gives opportunities to exchange messages. Even with the slowest connections, doing business electronically is much faster than traditional modes.

With the increased speeds of communication, the delivery time is minimized. Also any product can be found for sale on the Internet. Information appearing on the Internet can be changed rapidly. This gives company the ability to inform customers of any changes to the service that they are offering. This also allows for them to update marketing and promotional materials. Savings the second advantage of electronic commerce many company offer to save on costs. By using the Internet, marketing, phone, postage and printing costs, can be reduced.

Disadvantages of E - Commerce Privacy and Security is a main source of trouble is customer concerns with privacy and security.

Anything sent over the Internet is sent through several different computers before it reaches its destination. Hackers can steal credit card or checking account data as it is transferred into computers that hold the same information.

Security on the Internet is much like security for a home. There is a point when the effort outweighs the advantages. As with a home the owner will usually stop adding security features when they feel safe. Making a customer feel safe is what is important in doing business on the Internet.

Show how the implementation of e-commerce will improve the internal and external organisations of Osborn and Hayper.

External:•Having access to large number of suppliers and customers.

•Provide better services to customers.

•Attracting more customers by giving them the right services.

•Customer Service Using the Web to provide customer support to help build the reliability between the company and...