How E-commerce Affects Kudler Fine Foods.

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This paper will take a look at Kudler Fine Foods and examine the possibility of addingecommerce to this company. This company is a local upscale specialty food store much likeTraders Joe's, which are located in 19 different states. Kudler Fine Foods is only located in theSan Diego area of California. Kudler Fine Foods has three locations to serve its customersaround the local area. Kudler has been looking at expanding the company services to whereebusiness can be added as a service to the customer base and employees.

Kudler Fine Foods was started as a way to relieve stress through gourmetcooking as told by the owner and founder, Kathy Kudler. Kathy found a way to relax andhave fun by cooking specialty meals. At the same time of this new dream starting, Kathy openedher first store in 1998. Since that date, two other stores have been added. Although, still smallin nature, Kudler Fine Foods has grown to the point of the need to expand.

Because Kudler Fine foods only serves customers in the San Diego area fornow, an updated plan is in the works to expand the stores to northern California first; then, if thebusiness takes off well in those locations; Kudler will look at expanding throughout the UnitedStates and Canada. Although, adding more stores will be good, Kudler Foods is missingsomething very important within the business world.

Kudler Fine Foods does not use ecommerce at this time. This company could be usedas a Business-to-customer company, consumer shopping on the web (Schneider, 2004). Kudlerwill look at other options for adding services and providing new technology to its customer base.

Having to drive to one of the local stores can sometimes be a hassle, so after researching othercompetition. It was discovered that Trader Joe's did not use an ecommerce business either.

Trader Joe's is...