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Supply ChainUp until the Internet was mainstreamed buying a book meant going to your local bookstore, browsing the bookshelves and talking to the bookstore owner or clerks before purchasing a book or books. After the Internet was made public the marketing and retail potential has been amazing. At the present time, people are able to browse, research and purchase books online. The accessibility of the online bookstore has been made easy and possible by companies like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Borders.

Amazon is really the innovative giant in the book e-commerce market. They have broadened their horizons to not just selling books but also music, jewelry, and other consumer products. The Amazon website is very easy to navigate and to locate products. The Search bar on the website to help in locating a certain book will populate itself while you type, which makes it easier and faster to search.

The Search bar also gives the user the option to search in All Departments or by specific department, for example, searching in Books only. The ease of navigation is made by buttons being clearly labeled and the website makes it easy to go back to the previous page. Navigating the website is also made easy by providing the Home page, Search bar and other such page identifying buttons on each page that the user is taken to or chooses to go to. When conducting a search, the Amazon search engine will also suggest other similar items that an individual may be interested in.

The look and feel of the Amazon website is a bit commercial, it does not look like an online bookstore. Perhaps the non-bookstore feel is because Amazon has broadened its horizon into other products but whatever the reason, it is not a very "cozy" feeling. The...