E-commerce growth in New Zealand

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1. Introduction

The concept of entrepreneurship has a wide range of meanings. A definition in dictionary is "to undertake"; small business defined as "to start up a small business; and in business context, it means, "the process of looking at things in such a way that possible solutions to problems and perceived needs may evolve in venturing."

From my opinion, the entrepreneurship can be defined as "how people generate possible solutions to solve the problems during business operations. It is an integrated strategy to help the business growth. At this stage, an entrepreneur may have ability to cover various area that include creativity and innovation, decision-making, communication and action planning in order to achieve the goal.

2. Business Opportunity

In the last few years, the Internet has revolutionized the way of people doing business. New information technologies give companies the tools to respond to rapidly changing business environment as well as driving growth of electronic commerce.

E-commerce brings many business opportunities. It also reduces risks.

2.1 E-commerce

What does E-commerce mean? It means on-line trading, buying and selling goods and services over electronic networks (Mike Cunningham, 2002).

There are some very big changes going on in the way the world does business. These changes are being driven by the availability of fast, powerful, and cheap computers, fast and cheap telecommunications and the rise of global electronic networks, particularly the Internet.

Electronic commerce is about moving physical business processes to the electronic environment of Internet instead of sending a fax or a letter or sending an e-mail, or accesses a Web site.

2.2 E-commerce Growth

According to the research, at the beginning of the 1990s, there has no one had heard of the Internet, But ten years later, there are 360 million people around the world have Internet access and the...