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E-commerce Market The firm's objectives can be met and a go-ahead is suggested subject to addressing the recommendations. Macrosegmentation of the market identified machinery, wood, base metals and plastics as target markets for the firm.

Revenue expectation based on a 0.4% market share is $329,000. Break even is $259,000 and requires contributions from 17 customer projects at an average billing of $15,000. The budget set for implementing the promotional mix is $100,000. Target ROI = 15%. The following recommendations must be considered before start-up: 1. Protect service names and marks. 2. Conduct a microsegmentation analysis to refine market segment intelligence. 3. Develop multisegment targeting strategies for the chosen markets. 4. Ensure that funds are in place for first year's operation. 5. Develop a decision support system including customer details, candidates for networking and reciprocity. 6.

Complete 3 - 4 assignments at cost to establish a credible portfolio. Use as a source of referrals.

7. Obtain ISO 9000 certification - "walk the talk".

Apply benchmarking standards. 8. Develop assessment and promotional tools using the firm's service. If the service is to work for the client it should work for the firm. 9. Finalize details of the promotional plan. 10. Develop influence as a trade mission co-ordinator. Organizational Mission The firm's mission is to provide innovative and effective global marketing services to British

Columbia industries. They focus on E-business as a primary means of achieving client objectives and measure their effectiveness in terms of customer satisfaction and referral business. Market Opportunity Analysis Analysis of the size and sustainability of various market segments. The segmentation basis used is demographic. Primary descriptors are geography, customer type, growth rate and size. Demographics - (BC Statistics) There are 13,700 small and medium exporters in BC - 4.6% of all businesses in British Columbia. They account for...