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Executive SummaryThe report being presented below is of a luggage company who decides to go online and what are the steps must be taken in order to go online. This report starts with a detailed analysis about the company with respect to its stakeholders, resources, core competencies, financial budget and also a brief analysis on their present and new competitors.

It is then followed by developing a business model for Brawny luggage which is characterized by setting a vision statement and then defining the company with respect to its product, market, services, and competitors. Critical success factors for Brawny factors are given out followed by SWOT analysis of the company to predict o the future of Brawny in the field of E-commerce.

After finalizing the whole business model and making all the necessary strategies, an IS strategy using some of the analysis like BCG matrix and Porters 5 forces and Porters generic strategies is developed.

Hence finally the website will be developed based on the information mentioned in this report and will be implemented based on time period in project life cycle analysis.

IntroductionIn this report I have considered an opportunity to present a report on Brawny Luggage.

Brawny luggage has seen itself growing from a single luggage store in a small city in the Atlanta to becoming a large regional chain throughout the Atlanta. They are into selling of various bag products from professional to vacational needs and that too of various brands. They are also selling various travel accessories and also a wide range of related products from business cases to tote bags. It's been their honesty and dedication towards understanding customer needs that have enabled them to be where they are at the moment. Now as technology is making waves into every household, Brawny luggage are planning...