E Is For Ecstasy

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E is for Ecstasy Chapter 1 Chapter one is the introduction and is rather short. In the intro the author discusses what issues he will cover concerning the drug ecstasy and why. The book includes chapters on his own experiences with the drug, the history of ecstasy, what it does and how it works, the dangers, the laws against the use of it, the portrayal of it in the media, psychotherapy in Switzerland that used ecstasy, other uses for it, suggestions for first time users, what it is and where it comes from, and he discusses the establishments of attitudes towards ecstasy. He says that he tries to give as much information on the drug as possible because as it is there is very little information about ecstasy available to users and common people now. He says that he wants to supply this information so that people can use the drug in a safer manner.

He also wants to supply this information because he wants to stimulate further research of the drug.

Chapter 2 In this chapter he discusses his own experiences with ecstasy. He wrote about his first experience which was with a female friend who gave him the pill, they were going to take a train and as they went to board the train the girl touched his hand and he found it wonderful to be touched. The rode the train and he even found the old worn out seat to be comfortable. But he described a realization that he came to when he took the drug for the first time, he described as the drug just allows you to allow yourself to enjoy what had always been there. He says that people have a habit of restraining them selves and it wasn't the drug-induced state that was...