E-mail And Normal Mail

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E-MAIL and NORMAL MAIL Communication nowadays is almost instantaneous because of inventions of new communication devices which make communication with great speed.All the new inventions supply people various ways to communicate.One of these various way is communication by e-mails which are delivered by a computer and an electrical mechanism.Also, normal mail is another way to communicate.Communication by e-mail and normal mail have both minor similarities and significant differences.

First of all, e-mail and normal mail have several similarities.E-mail and normal mail are both for communication.The purpose of sending e-mail is to communicate with someone in another part of country or wherever,just as the purpose of sending normal mail is.Also, reliability of e-mail is similar to normal mail.There would be disconnection while sending e-mail and e-mail would be leaded to wrong destination.Similarly,normal mail would be lost when it is delivered.

Despite the similarities,e-mail and normal mail have some significant differences.

One important difference is the method of sending e-mail and normal mail.Unlike normal mail,computer and telephone lines have to be used for sending e-mail.Although e-mail is delivered to receiver on an virtual way, you can learn that whetheryour mail delivered or not.In contrast,normal mail is transported by post offices and you aren't confirmed whether your mail transported or not.Nonetheless,you don't need to leave from home for sending e-mail,but you have to find a post office to send your mail.

Another difference is in the cost of sending e-mail and normal mail. Although it is quite cheap to send e-mail to someone in another part of the world, the cost of sending normal mail is more expensive than e-mail and the cost depends on the distance between the sender and the receiver. The cost of sending e-mail reflects...