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Suppy chain structure




members. It is truly a synergistic situation, where the entire performance of the

channel is improved (Cooper et al., 1997).

As previously indicated, one of the prevalent organizational issues, that

developed out of the traditional supply chain concept, was the focus on longterm

partnerships and strategic alliances. In fact, it has been posited that firmto-

firm competition has migrated to supply chain against supply chain,

necessitating supply chain integration and strategically developed supply

chain networks (Watts et al., 1995). Thus, the very core of a successful supply

chain, from a traditional perspective, is the development of strong inter-firm

relationships among the organizations comprising the supply chain. And, the

evolution of the primary organizational structure, from vertical integration to

supply chain management, was accompanied by a shift in inter-firm relations,

from primarily arm's length to collaborative. However, yet another form of

supply chain management is on the horizon that provides another variation in

inter-firm relationship philosophies - the e-supply chain.

The e-supply chain

New challenges still face logistics and supply chain organizations. In addition to

previous marketplace demands and global competition, the advent of ecommerce

and increased pressures from stockholders has created a more

demanding landscape. The role of logistics has expanded over the decades

beyond carrier and customers to encompass other stakeholders.

Environmentalists have concerns about warehouse locations, stockholders want

increase on investments, and politicians are concerned about tax collection.

Logisticians within its expanded role must now operate within organizational

structures that allow them easily to interact between multiple stakeholders.

Organizational structures of the future will possess the attributes of the

electronic supply chain, where technology linkages tie many corporations and

outsourced functions together enabling low-cost partner switching and a high

flexibility. It is expected that investments on brick and mortar buildings will be...