Early Aboriginal Lifestyles and Clans

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A simple and peaceful life is what the Aborigines had around 54 000 years ago when the first fleet of Indigenous people arrived to Australia. However, something so different, so unique can be betrayed as "alien" to such close minded and egotistical people, such as the Europeans, aka the white people. Before the European invasion, what was called the early life to Aborigines, these first settlers of this continent developed excellent complex skills and ways of living. Also adapting to a vast range of climates and environments. There were many places in Australia supporting the population of different clans or groups of people. In other words, a group of people that share a culture, language, kinship, spiritual beliefs and often economic and political interests. One of these clans was The Ngarrindjeri People who lived on the lower Murray and the Coorong. Unlike other Aboriginal clans, the Ngarrindjeri people were not nomads; they stayed mainly in the same area and did for thousands of years.

Roles of men, women and childrenA Ngarrindjeri clan mainly consisted of a large amount of relatives and families. They were recognized distinctly by their family groups and by their land which that occupied.

Day in the life of a Ngarrindjeri familyThe men of the Ngarrindjeri clan were who went fishing in their bark canoes and hunting for food for their families, while the women would gather vegetables, small animals and edible plants, fruits and berries. Which I think is quite typical having the men hunt while the women stayed back to gather supplies. The children spent a lot of time swimming and playing games around the lower Murray shores, but also sometimes helped their mother with gathering food. Women of the camp would collect reeves off the shores and would weave baskets and mats to sit...