Early Century Transportation Methods

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The various methods of transportation such as canals, steamboats and railroads changed the culture and the political shape of the United States in many various aspects including an expansion of many more states in America and be an able to get around the United States more easily. Once the railroads were built in the United States around the early part of the 1800s transportation started to grow. Now that the United States had a faster way of getting from place to place like for an example from New York to South Carolina, it was a lot easier for people to move to different areas and also for many businesses to get certain products and various materials for what they need. While the railroad system wasn't the only real transportation, many people used a lot of the other newer ways to get around places like steamboats to sail along the waterfront and various canals to get to certain places.

One of the things about the railroad that stands out the most is that it was a great use for our culture in that it led to greater expansion westward around the time of the Louisiana Purchase which made it easier for before in the east to settle in the Midwest or in the Louisiana area. Many people also like the railroads specially a lot of farmers who wanted to migrate to the Midwest looking for better land to farm on and plant crops. Steamboats were a great use specially in the new acquired land in Louisiana where there are a lot of canals and many areas of rivers that made it useful to go back and forth along the waterway. These aspects of transportation also helped in the area of political wise too, in that presidential campaigns could now be easier...