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Title: 80 Word Count: Grade: Drosphilia melanogaster Lab Objective: The objective of the drosphilia melongaster lab is for us to grasp genetics and the mating of the ebony and wild fruit flies. What we are trying to do is to predict the phenotype and genotype of the flies and compare and contrast them to the concrete results. To do this you must first create a suitable environment for the flies to reproduce in.

I. Materials and Procedures: a. A plastic tube 1x3 inches.

b. Plastic Screen c. Yeast as a food source d. Sponge lid e. Agar f. Water g. Ebony/Wild Flies h. Ether Procedures: Prepare tubes by carefully cleaning them. When clean you must first add agar to the inside of the tube by mixing a tablespoon of it with water, until your result is a thick paste. You must be careful not to contaminate the tube because most likely if you fidget around with it the environment in which the flies will live might result in an un-thriving environment.

Remember to place your plastic screen in the agar so the flies don't end up falling in to this possibly fatal agar solution. Add a small amount of yeast to the agar this way the flies are provided with the necessary food requirements. To transplant flies from tube to tube a small swab of ether is placed in their tube and they temporarily become unconscious. You must make sure to add male and female wild flies, at least a couple of each. Once larva appear put some females into a tube along with ebony flies so they can mate finally producing the F1 generation. This generation is also identical to their parent generation. The females once they make a larva must be separated into a tube with ebony...