Early Childhood Contexts

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Early Childhood Contexts

Assignment Two

Rebecca Gabriel

Student Number: 0050014890

Due Date: 2nd June, 2014

Table of Contents

Part A 3

Part B

Introduction 7

Professional Learning 7

Observation and Documentation 8

Planning for, and implementation of, effective

Teaching and learning 10

Reflective Practice 11

Part C 13

Appendix 23

Criteria Sheet 14

5 Observations 15

20 Practices 21

5 Learning Experiences 24

2 Samples of Assessment 34

3 Session Plans 35

7 Daily Reflections 41

Reference List 48

Marking Criteria 50

Rubric 51

Part A: Model of Critical Reflection

In a Kindergarten class there is a girl with autism who continually expects to be able to do and take things when she wants from the other children. This upsets the other children as the girl does not verbalise very well what she is doing but rather uses physical force to get her own way. The teacher is aware of this and has discussed with Mum about working together on a holistic approach to her behaviour.


The child believes she is able to do what she likes, when she likes with the other children and Teachers. The child is taking things from the other children or forcing her way into activities reverting to using physical force to achieve this. The child is not able to verbalise her needs and wants to the other children. This is causing great concern for the teachers and Mother as the other children in the class are either upset by her actions or being physically hurt by her actions. Of most concern the children appear to be frightened by her presence.


The child is diagnosed with Autism and lacks in verbalising her needs and wants. The child is lacking the skills to communicate effectively with her teachers and the other children. The...