Early Civilizations

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First Civilizations

The first two civilizations in the world were the Egyptians and the Sumarians in the region earlier known as Mesopotamia. Over here they started the first two civilizations in the world. Even though a considerable distance divided these two cultures, they still had a few matching characteristics. For example, the two were polytheistic worshippers, they both worshipped multiple Gods. Being the first two civilizations, they made lots of discoveries and inventions. For Example the Sumarians had invented the counting system that we use in the clocks today; as their counting system was based on six. The Egyptians were famous for their great architectural wonders that they made without any advanced engines and for being the first ones for writing on papyrus, whereas the Sumarians wrote on stone. The early humans being nomads at first went around to new countries and continents in search of food and because of weather.

The Early Egyptians and Sumarians may have been nomads searching for a suitable location to stay in the desert. They could have chosen a better location than a desert but then I think they settled in those locations because in those deserts there was a stream of water. The Egyptians settled down next to the Nile and the Sumarians settled down near the river Tigris. This would help them to farm, fish, and drink water. The river gave them plenty of food and water and there was no competition around the place, so if they had control of the river, they had control over the whole territory. In fact, these conditions helped them so much that when the Romans invaded Egypt this ensured food for most of the empire.