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Juan Marmolejo

Period. 4th

Jamestown Settlers

Imagine dead bodies floating down the James River from dehydration, disease, an Indian attack, or starvation. This was common in the time period of 1607-1611 when English settlers started to arrive, and colonize around the James River in the Chesapeake Bay. All of the settlers in Jamestown had to face these situations in order to survive. In the early years of settlement, and colonization in Jamestown, why did so many colonist fail to exist? Colonist died from three major reasons: Problems with the environment, deficient relationships with the Powhatan Indians, and lack of good workers.

Problems with the environment was probably the most effective reason why colonist died. Lack of water was a big cause on colonist death. Document (A) tells us how the James River was salty, and a poor source of fresh water. The Chesapeake Bay would receive high tides and flow upon the James River, so fresh water was scarce.

The James River was also dirty with the settler's garbage and human waste. Settlers decided to dig shallow wells to supply themselves with a good resource of water. The wells were not a success because of the shortage of rainfall in Jamestown. Document B provides information on the amount of rainfall and shows the time period of the severe drought in Jamestown; the drought started in 1607 and ended in 1612. Scientist studied the rings of old cypress trees which had been in Jamestown since settlement. Salty water issued sickness and the garbage water provide diseases, both lead to making death popular. The drought brought poor corn crop, this led to starvation.

Deficient relationships with the Powhatan Indians is another cause of many deaths among the colonist. Document (D) tells how Francis West and some of his men sailed up...