Earnest Hemingway's "The Old Man and the Sea".

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the old man and the sea. it gives me pleasure to let readers read this. this is about santiago the old man who wanted to be lucky again and wanted to win the fight of his life. he represents courage and hope in the story. back in the topic,this paper analyzes Earnest Hemingway's "The Old Man and the Sea" about the troubles and the travails that the old man is willing to face to restore his lost pride. It shows how with only a very few characters and no real plot Hemingway has managed to evolve a novel rich in themes and symbolic import. It discusses how pride and self respect are the motivating factors and the driving force that propels the old man to fight it out in the face of adversity and that the essential theme of this novel is that man is not honored by victory alone rather honor comes from the resoluteness of purpose and perseverance.

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"The Marlin (the big catch) in the sea represents the cherished goal (wealth, fame or any other thing) that people go after. Just like Santiago the Marlin also symbolizes valor. It does not meekly succumb but puts up a great fight against the old man. Even the old man acknowledges the bravery of the Marlin when he states it as a brave opponent. The Marlin symbolizes or represents the cherished accomplishment or the achievement of man. If we take a slightly different viewpoint we can also ascribe a different symbolic meaning. It is generally perceived in the literary circles that Hemingway was constantly bogged by literary critics and even under these adverse circumstances he managed to hold on to his gifted art. (Of writing). Now if we look under this pretext we can easily infer...