"Earth Abides", by George R. Stewart The Key To Life

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Earth Abides, by George R. Stewart, is based on a tragedy to mankind. Most of the world seems to have been wiped out with a deadly disease, but a few people had survived. This deadly disease didn't affect a man named Ish, the main character. Ish was a bright man, and well educated. As the novel continues, Ish find others like him. Ish brings all these people together called "The Tribe." He tries to do everything to his knowledge to help his society survive. The novel demonstrates that education is the most important activity of any organized society.

Studying books is a great source of education. Before "The Tribe" came together, Ish knew he had to take action towards what needs to be done in order to survive in this new empty world. He knows his lifestyle will never be the same. Ish's only source for supplies is the remaining supplies around him, and he knows the remaining sources won't last forever.

Ish comes upon a woman, that he soon falls in love with. As the two lived on, his new lady Em, wished to have a baby. They both new that medical care was not available anymore. Em then begged Ish to learn to give birth. ".... You could find some books and read them...I wouldn't really need so much help...I've been through it twice before. It wasn't that bad"(106). Em really wants to have a baby, and is pressuring Ish to have a baby. Em comes up with an idea, which deals with Ish studying books that will give him the education he needs to give berth for her. Em told Ish he could go to the library to study the books that teaches him to deliver the baby. Ish studied the books and improved his knowledge...