Earthquake in Haiti

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"Haiti's Angry God"

Najamah Davis

Religion 105

Instructor: Pearl Bates

January 19, 2010

In this essay I will discuss my views of the article "Haiti's Angry God," written by, Pooja Bhatia and examine the impacted the dreadful earthquake left upon Haiti's faith in God. Haiti endured a natural disaster of unparalleled proportion, an earthquake unlike anything the country has ever experienced. On the earthquake-rubble streets of Port-au-Prince, survivors weep, pray and ask for redemption. With estimates of 100,000 dead in Haiti, and many times that number suffering horribly in the wake of the earthquake which shook Port-au-Prince, many people ask, "why did God do this? In the face of such unfathomable pain and suffering, it is understandable that some devastated Haitians would think that God is angry at them or that God has "really got it in for Haiti."

For me God is not someone or something that causes or allows things to happen.

Rather, belief in a God or Gods may allow us to better deal with things when they do happen. Your God should be your guide, if you have that belief. I personally do not believe the catastrophe that took place in Haiti was an acted cause by God. Natural disasters are unpredictable and death is inevitable. However, several people believe that God caused the devastation on the nation because of their way of life and their beliefs. On the other hand, human suffering is universal and inescapable.

Religion affects our world in a variety of ways. Often religion acts as an escape from a terrible event. Sometimes when something tragic happens, for instance a death, people turn to religion and attempt to find answers. 'Why did this happen'. 'Who decides when or if it happens but, sometimes these same events can...